The aim of this project is to collaborate with Goldsmiths University community around the topic of Women in the arts from different backgrounds and languages.

We want to capture a moment in time and publish the issues, discussions, and ideas around Women in the Arts today in 2018.  It’s been 100 years when women were allowed to vote in the UK (at the time only included women over the age of 30 who owned property), now in 2018 with the discourse around sexual harassment in the workplace, and gender pay gap, where does the Arts fit into this discussion.

The publication will celebrate diversity from students from all ethnic backgrounds, different stages of their careers (undergrads, postgrads, mature students, international students and alumni) and include the work from the community outside the academic circles.

It will also celebrate the work by women students and engage topics and issues not covered in traditional academic classes including challenges being a women of colour in the arts. The project will benefit the Goldsmiths community by including alumni, LGBTQI, self-identified women, women of colour, international students and include men as part of the conversation.

The publication will begin a “Call for submissions” in April
Editorial decisions and publishing to be completed by mid-June
Celebration Party in Summer 2018.

Space magazine is a publication made by Goldsmiths University students. It is a one-time print publication with is supported by funding from the Goldsmiths Alumni and Friends Fund.