Call for Submissions

Space magazine is a publication dedicated to Women in the Arts. The aim is to promote the work of women in the arts from different backgrounds and languages.

The idea of the publication is to capture a moment in time and publish the issues, discussions, and ideas around Women in the Arts today in 2018. The publication will be publishing a print edition and online version, the print edition will be a tangible object that will take up space on libraries, bookshelves, and coffee tables as symbol that our ideas exist beyond the cloud of the internet. 

The publication will celebrate diversity from students from all ethnic backgrounds, different stages of their careers (undergrads, postgrads, mature students, international students and alumni).

It will also celebrate the work by women students and engage topics and issues not covered in traditional academic classes including challenges being a women of colour in the arts. The project will benefit the Goldsmiths community by including alumni, LGBTQI, self-identified women, women of colour, international students and include men as part of the conversation.

The publication will begin a “Call for submissions” in April
Editorial decisions and publishing to be completed by mid-June
Celebration in Summer 2018.

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